Sea Crest Athletics: Building character one game at a time

In the gym of the Kohrs Family Center, right by the main door, you may see “CREST” spelled out. As a school, we are proud to be the Sea Crest Seals and this sign gives a sense of what that means. In our Physic

al Education/Health & Wellness program, which all grades participate in daily, CREST is an acronym for:

  • Come into the gym ready to perform your personal best.
  • Respect yourself, others, the space and all equipment.
  • Exercise Kind Manners & Good Sportsmanship.
  • Stay Safe on your feet while controlling your body.
  • Take Responsibility in what you say and do.

Students are taught to practice empathy in being good winners and losers. This spirit carries over into our competitive athletics as well. Our school does not have “try-outs” for sports; everyone who wishes to participate on a team is a part of that team, and the athletes are coached to improve their personal skill level. We still play to win, and have won many championships in the process, but our focus is on the team

, sportsmanship, and individual growth. Sportsmanship extends to the other team

. At a recent Seventh Grade Basketball game, a player paused mid-play to make sure an opponent who had fallen was ok, offering her assistance. At a soccer game, after a 4-0 win against another team

, Coach Emig reminded the team to be gracious winners and to be careful of what they said within earshot of the other team with the challenge to “win with humility, lose with grace, and do both with dignity.”

These lessons are critical for children to learn teamwork and positive competition and also to build the sense of community they feel with their peers, complementing those taught in the classroom. Ensuring that children are all having positive experiences is also important to maintain their interest in athletic activity, ensuring the wellness component of our athletics program. In these ways, having a strong athletic program that focuses not just on scores but also on character development is highly valued at our school and continues to build our strong Sea Crest community.

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