Middle School

Middle School Program


We are a school where students excitedly await the arrival of each school day. We believe in fostering a joyful educational experience for both students and teachers, where academic excellence and character building are equally and greatly valued.


Small class sizes create a comfortable space where students can form close relationships with their teachers and classmates. Each Middle Schooler is assigned an Advisor (a teacher who serves as an advocate and mentor), and advisory groups meet each day during the first period. Sea Crest welcomes family engagement, and there are countless volunteer opportunities for parents and guardians.


Students are empowered to view reading, writing, speaking, and listening as vehicles through which they can discover who they are. Critical thinking is emphasized throughout the year as students acquire literary analysis skills through novel studies and journal entries. Students explore the roles that character, conflict, and perspective play in literature while learning to infer themes and key messages. Ongoing lessons in writing help students communicate their thoughts and ideas with greater clarity and precision.


Our goal is to develop a solid understanding of the scientific method, science writing skills, measurement, observation, and experimentation. Middle Schoolers explore planetary sciences such as geology, astronomy, and meteorology, and they confront pressing scientific issues such as environmental sustainability. Beginning in Seventh Grade, students study the structure of cells and living systems. In Eighth Grade, science classes focus on preparing students for the rigors of high school chemistry and physics.


Students are encouraged to cross language barriers and communicate with native Spanish speakers in our local community and abroad. After graduating, most students place into Level II or III Spanish classes during their first year of high school.


The goal of our History program is to make connections between themes of justice, survival, and equality throughout human history. Our teachers bring history to life and instill a passion for the past through experiential learning opportunities, such as the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, the San Francisco Asian Art Museum, the Legion of Honor, the immigration station on Angel Island, a swearing-in of new citizens in San Francisco, and a trip to Washington, D.C. Middle School

Health and Wellness

Sportsmanship is at the heart of the Physical Education program, where students are encouraged to participate fully and collaborate with respect. In addition to physical activity, students meet twice each week to discuss issues related to personal health and well being. Through this specialized program, students develop a greater appreciation for the connection between mind and body and the lifelong importance of an active lifestyle.


Middle School students have the opportunity to choose two electives each trimester. Offerings include performing and visual arts, engineering, design, computer science, robotics, and leadership. Learn More >

Outdoor Education

Students benefit from multi-day trips to locations such as the Santa Cruz Mountains and Washington, D.C.


Our strong Athletics Department is a hallmark of our school. We believe each student-athlete should be given the opportunity to play, learn, and compete. After-school sports offered in Fifth through Eighth Grade include Volleyball, Flag Football, Cross Country, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, and Golf.

After Sea Crest

Beginning in Seventh Grade, we work with families to help students find the right fit in high school. Students are encouraged to attend school fairs, open houses, and shadow days. We participate in the annual Mid Peninsula Middle & High School Fair to give families the opportunity to meet representatives from a variety of options.

After high school, Sea Crest alumni attend colleges and universities that further their unique interests and talents. Recent destinations have included Berkeley, Caltech, Cambridge, Colgate, Cornell, Duke, Georgetown, Harvey Mudd, MIT, NYU, Northwestern, Oberlin, Pitzer, Reed, Rice, Stanford, Tulane, and USC.


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