— After school spotlight: Judo class

This year in JAWS, our Extended Day Program has provided a wide range of opportunities for students to learn and develop their social, emotional and physical development. We recognize that each student has different interests and we strive to support their individuality. Our focus is to model positive behaviors such as responsibility, accountability, and to respect all things and people. Sketching, i-Lab, Chess Club, Band Jam and Glee Club were a few of the classes we offered this year.

Our “Spot Light” class this year has been our Judo Class. Judo is a Japanese word meaning “gentle way,” and is a type of martial art that comes from the ancient Japanese martial art of jujitsu, meaning “yielding way” in which the object is to throw, hold to the ground, or otherwise force an opponent to submit, using the minimum of physical effort. Dr. Tekakwitha Pernambuco-Wise, who holds a third-degree black belt in Judo and was an international competitor and national champion for Guiana, has spent this year with a group of students teaching the ways of Judo. The class ran once a week throughout the school year for grades 4th through 8th.

After School Judo After School Judo After School Judo



— Lower school students built a Galileo’s ramp in the iLab

Our lower school students demonstrated their interest in science and invention skills during their after-school hours in the iLab. After studying Galileo’s theories, they decided to build a Galileo’s ramp. They were so proud of their creation that they shared their project and discoveries with the rest of the school in an all-school assembly. What a fantastic opportunity to share knowledge and celebrate community.


The Extended Day Program: A Home Away from Home

The Extended Day Program at Sea Crest School provides students with a safe, structured “home away from home” outside of school hours. After-school enrichment options include art, chorus, coding, cooking, gardening, iLab, and more.

“The most exciting aspect of working with children is being present for the moments when their unique creativity is showcased,” says Director of Extended Day Janicee Forchini. “I love the challenge of picking up on what the kids are interested in and developing curriculum in response. My goal is to maintain a program that is constantly evolving based on the children’s ideas, needs, and growth. When children walk into Extended Day, I want them to feel at home in their space and free to be themselves and explore their identities. There is no greater reward for me than witnessing a child expressing fulfillment and ownership in our program.”

Janicee Forchini

About the Director

Janicee Forchini is the Director of Sea Crest School’s Extended Day Program. She has spent her professional career in the nonprofit world, and this is her tenth year working at Sea Crest. Ms. Forchini is passionate about working with youth, and she focuses on developing programs that foster leadership and support students’ social and emotional growth. She is an active part of our Emergency Preparedness, Environmental Stewardship, and Strategic Planning Committees, and her two children (Rio and Ruby) attend Sea Crest. Ms. Forchini earned her B.S. in Recreation Administration from San Diego State University.


3D Printing in Tinkering Workshop

Last week in Tinkering Workshop – an after-school Extended Day Program for Second and Third Graders – students had a special request. Previously, they had built a catapult and examined the effects of changing the length of the lever on the fulcrum. This time, they wanted to use the school’s 3D printers to create a familiar figure: R2D2. iLab Manager Patrick Neary agreed, as long as they designed it from scratch.

“The students were already aware that our MakerBot printers will only print one color at a time,” said Mr. Neary. “As such, a discussion ensued about which of the available colors would be best, and they decided on white plastic for the final 3D print with different colors of indelible Sharpie markers.”

The Middle School Exploration class 3D Apps for 3D Printing is currently working with Tinkercad, so Mr. Neary thought that this would be a great program for the Second Grade students to start with. The students had a little exposure to Tinkercad as First Graders and they were excited to start using the program again now.

“Using the iLab Mac laptops, I signed each student into Tinkercad. A third laptop was used to find a good reference photo of R2D2. Here, a student is shown working with Tinkercad primitive shapes (cube, cone, cylinder, etc.), to create his initial R2D2 model. The screenshot of his Tinkercad session represents 45 minutes of work. To quote a notable Star Wars character: ‘Impressive. Most impressive!’”

Tinkering Workshop

Second and Third Grade Bridge Building

Second and Third Graders were challenged to build a bridge using only blocks of wood. No glue, tape, or any other materials were allowed. Once they determined that a counter-weight on either end was the key to success, they began to test the mid-span weight by putting more rows of blocks out into the middle.

Next week: twice the distance!

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