Coastweek at Sea Crest

Thanks to all our teachers and students for making our first-ever Coastweek so special. In particular, we would like to recognize our wonderful teachers Stephanie Hanepen (First Grade) and Anastasia Pickens (Fifth Grade Math & Science) who spearheaded this amazing ocean appreciation project at our school. We came together as a community to celebrate the ocean and our beautiful coastal environment!


Kindergarten Half Moon Bay

Kindergarten studied the Ocean Community, learned about all the different animals that live in the ocean and created a beautiful art piece that represents the ocean community.

First Grade Elementary School Coast

First Grade learned all the ways to have Fun at the Beach by listening to stories, exploring sand through art and making surfboards in the Innovation Lab.

Second Grade Elementary School Half Moon Bay

Second Grade gathered all kinds of objects that can be found on the beach and became experts on Trash or Treasures, what is trash and what is a precious gift from the ocean.

Third Grade Sea Crest School HMB

Third Grade studied Ocean Natural Resources: what a natural resource is, how they are used and which particular ones come from the ocean; and created detailed mobiles to explain their discoveries.

Fourth Grade Coastweek

Fourth Grade learned all about Sharks, did research and presented their findings to other classrooms, built a model of a great white shark and made shark necklaces.

Fifth Grade Kelp Forest Half Moon Bay

Fifth Grade studied Kelp Forests, underwater ecosystems formed in shallow water, and turned their classroom into a big one. They enjoyed sharing what they created and learned with the rest of the school.


Thank you very much!


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