— In the News: Sports participation nears 100 percent for 6th- and 7th-graders at Sea Crest

Sea Crest School fifth- through eighth-graders gathered in the school gym for the end-of-year sports recognition assembly last week. Photo courtesy Ambar Pina.

Published in the Half Moon Bay Review on June 14th.

A unique approach to play. By Sarah Griego Guz.

In early June, Sea Crest School hosted a special athletics recognition assembly. The Kohrs Family Center erupted into thunderous applause as the coaches reflected on the banner year.

The girls volleyball and soccer teams as well as both the girls seventh- and eighth-grade baseball teams had earned championship titles. The golf team had also won a championship.

Even more impressive than the highlights was the school’s philosophy: Sports should be accessible to everyone, and all students should be able to take risks while learning something new.

This is not an “everybody plays” approach. Students who have put in the time to master athletic techniques are rewarded with increased playing time and opportunities to play at a high level.

The athletic department, however, has mastered the art of allowing all students to participate without compromising the degree of competiveness needed to win championships.

“Sea Crest Athletics has a no-cut policy and a philosophy of participation stemming from our daily P.E. program where risk-taking is not only encouraged but also celebrated,” said Craig Strong, director of athletics at Sea Crest School in an emailed statement. “We regularly ask students to take risks by giving a particular sport a try and see how it goes. We have generally had a very high participation rate because of this philosophy.

“Sea Crest Athletics relies on the participation of our fifth-grade and middle school students,” he continued. “This year, once again, we had great participation from our student athletes.”

The school experienced participation levels of 94 percent for fifth grade, 99.5 percent for sixth grade and 99.5 percent for all seventh-grade students. The total participation rate for all middle school and fifth-grade students slid in at 95 percent.

The impressive level of participation was evident when the last student athlete was called to the stage to be recognized — the section of the gym where the middle school students had been sitting was virtually empty.

“Children often play a sport because they feel part of something. They want to be included and be part of what all their friends are doing,” said Strong.

Strong also feels that including fifth-graders in the middle school athletics program not only provides an opportunity for students to get a taste of athletics, it also provides them with a foundation resulting in a stronger program overall.

“Including fifth-graders in our middle school program has proven to capture the attention of students due to the level of enthusiasm at this age,” said Strong. “Once we have them engaged, we focus on player development to give them the skills to be able to continue playing at the next level.

“As our athletes begin to develop a passion for a particular sport, we continue to encourage them to play as many sports as they can manage,” he continued. “And, as our students end up in the upper grades, they typically have an extra year of experience from their fifth-grade season, leading us to the number of competitive teams at the varsity or A level.”


— Athletics News

Over 100 Sea Crest student athletes competed in over fifty athletic events this fall, some playing more than one sport. We are proud of all our athletes and their families this season. A special recognition to our Girls teams: A1 Volleyball and Cross Country!

>> Sea Crest’s A1 Volleyball team finished the season as undefeated champions!

Sea Crest Girls Volleyball Team Championship

>> Sea Crest Girls Cross Country team finished second overall in the S.S.I.L. Championship Meet!

Sea Crest Girls Cross Country Team Championship

Congratulations Girls!


Eighth Grade Visit to Pomeroy Recreation and Rehabilitation Center

Last month, on June 9th, our Eighth Graders, now Middle School Graduates, went to the Pomeroy Recreation and Rehabilitation Center in San Francisco to play the PRRC Wildcats in a basketball game. They enjoyed the visit and came back fully energized after spending a beautiful morning with such a great community.

Photos courtesy of Deirdre Harger, Laurie Kehler, and Cindy Blackstone.

Sea Crest Basketball at Pomeroy Center - Athletics Sea Crest Basketball at Pomeroy Center - Athletics Sea Crest Basketball at Pomeroy Center - Athletics

Sea Crest Basketball at Pomeroy Center - AthleticsSea Crest Basketball at Pomeroy Center - Athletics

Sea Crest Basketball at Pomeroy Center - Athletics“Thank you so much for bringing your 38 students from Sea Crest School in Half Moon Bay to play the PRRC Wildcats in a basketball game! The comments I heard was that this was the best basketball game we have had in a long long time! It was a great game – lots of participation and lots of excitement. Please extend my thanks to all your amazing students, and to the parents who drove everyone up to San Francisco.”

– Cindy Blackstone of the Pomeroy Recreation and Rehabilitation Center

Sea Crest at Pomeroy Center - Athletics



Building Character through Athletics

SportsmanshipFor the past three years, Sea Crest School has been awarded the Smith Cup for outstanding performance in the Small School Intermediate League. Of all of the schools in the league, our teams continually have the highest number of first and second place standings. In addition, at least 80 percent of Sea Crest Middle School students participate in a team sport each year.

“We’re no bigger than the other schools, but we have great, enthusiastic kids who want to participate,” says Director of Athletics Craig Strong. “Winning is not our emphasis, and that’s why we win. We don’t focus on the scoreboard. We focus on getting better every day.”

Coach Strong believes that our success in Athletics stems from strong Physical Education courses, led by Katie Moore, and school-wide character education.

“The important element for Coach Moore and myself has always been character development. We not only expect risk-taking, we celebrate it when we see it in our daily P.E. classes. Risk-taking becomes a habit for our children, and when it comes time to try out for a sport, they’ve learned to put themselves out there and not be afraid.”

Coach Strong would also like to thank our families: “Our parents drive to away events, communicate with coaches, and help make sure our athletes get their schoolwork done. We have very supportive parents. They’re always cheering positively for our teams, and that makes a big difference.”


Boys’ Basketball: Champions!

7th Grade Boys' Basketball

7th Grade Boys’ Basketball: Champions

The team finished their regular season with an overall record of 7-2 and a league record of 7-1. They received a bye in the first round of the playoffs and hosted Charles Armstrong School in the Championship on Thursday. The Championship game was a hard-fought battle from start to finish. The Armstrong Cougars held the Sea Crest Seals to just four points in the first half. Down 13-4 in the second half, the Seals fought back to 15-16 at the end of the third quarter: down one. Limiting the Cougars to just three points in the fourth quarter, the Seals came out victorious with a score of 22-19.


8th Grade Boys' Basketball

8th Grade Boys’ Basketball: Second in the League

The boys finished their regular season with an overall record of 7-2 and a league record of 7-1. They won a first round playoff game against Wornick on Tuesday with a score of 26-16, which moved them forward to the SSIL Championship game on Thursday against Alma Heights. In the Championship, the boys played a great game against an outstanding Alma Heights team and finished with a score of 40 to 28. The Eighth Graders were led by Coach Luis Gonzales.


6th Grade Boys' Basketball

6th Grade Boys’ Basketball

It is evident that the future of Boys’ Basketball at Sea Crest is in good hands. The Sixth I team finished with a 4-2 record, with one of their losses to the Sixth II team (26-29). The Sixth II team lost some very close games this season and made remarkable improvements over the past six weeks. Thank you to Coach Rob Kashima and Assistant Coach Jenny Urban for their leadership with the Sixth II team.


6th Grade Boys' Basketball


We look forward to another great season next year!


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