Origami Rockets

Origami Rockets

In today’s Origami Rockets Exploration, students tested for the first time how far their rockets would travel. There were two teams: Team Danielle, and Team Ryan-Rose. The goal was to cumulatively measure three tries by each team member, with the overall highest cumulative distance per team determining the winners.

Students used plastic straws to propel the little rockets with their breath. iLab Manager Patrick Neary had one stipulation: each student needed to propel his/her own rocket forward along the length of two tables.

“I did not say that they had to shoot them in the air, only that they had to go forward on their own,” said Mr. Neary. “The innovation that Danielle came up with, and which everyone immediately copied to their own benefit, was that she kept the rocket on the surface of the table! She determined a way to stay within the rules, but instantly tripled (or more) the absolute value in distance that her rocket traveled.”

Origami Rockets Exploration

Connor Johnstone’s rocket traveled the farthest of them all.. on each of his three tries! The incredulous roar of the crowd was so fantastic that Ms. Giacotto had to come down to see what all of the cheering was about.

“That was one of the best moments I’ve ever had here,” said Mr. Neary. “It was so great to see Connor achieve that!”

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